Want to know about my 3rd annual Yoga + Meditation Women's Retreat for 2018? It's in Ohiopyle from August 31-Sept 3.

Practice with me at Inhale Pgh Yoga Studio!

 My Yoga Style

My favorite paradox: Soft AND Fierce. I am a vinyasa girl at heart (Vinyasa means flow). I'm all about flow and moving with intention and purpose. I believe in listening to your body and moving accordingly. I don't value the "push through it" attitude. We connect breath to movement and activate the whole body as we move energy around us. Meghan Currie is a major inspiration for me as a teacher!

I always start class with gentle stretching to wake up the mind, body, and breath, and I especially love fluid, slower stretches like spinal rolls and seated cat/cow to warm up. However,  my love of fluid movement doesn't mean that I don't value core + strength. I find that powerful strength is best built with creative, intentional body movements that include holding + flowing the postures, with the breath acting as a major tool to heat the body and keep you safe. 

I recently did a Kundalini Intensive weekend training for women and have a new love affair with the healing and transforming power of Kundalini. Sat Nam. 

Foundational, yet creative. Graceful, yet strong. Mindful, yet sweaty. Yin and Yang. 

Public Class Schedule

-Tuesdays: Lauri Ann West Community Center Vinyasa 7-8pm

-Wednesdays: Ascend Pgh Vinyasa @ 7:15-8:15am 

-Thursdays: Inhale Pgh Vinyasa @ noon AND Lauri Ann West Vinyasa @ 7-8pm

Corporate Yoga

I also teach corporate yoga in Pittsburgh, PA. Please contact me for information if you would like to bring yoga into your local business on site.

Teacher Trainings

-200 Hour RYT,  June 2015

-The Moon Path: Kundalini for Women

  • Asheville Yoga Center- Asheville, NC
  • With Sierra Hollister

Supplemental Trainings

-The Business of Yoga presented by Yoga Journal Magazine

  • The only business course specifically for yoga teachers, this 10 week online business course covered everything from social media and marketing, web design, in-class promos, business planning (the funnel), legalities, to building community, and more.

Workshops Attended

-Core on Fire, Patrick Beach

-Hip to Handstands, Patrick Beach

-Fearless Flying: Overcoming Arm Balances, Mackenzie Miller

-Rock Your Bliss 

-Acro Yoga, Laura Sykora

-Inversions, Laura Sykora

5 things yoga has taught me: 1) Honor your body. 2) Let go of that which no longer serves you. 3) Breath. 4) Be present, and be okay with it. 5) You can achieve more than you think.