My 2nd Annual DESIRE MAP + YOGA RETREAT is happening this August 17-20th in the forests of Ohiopyle State Park, PA! 9 spaces left.

"It's about abundance, trust, ease, & Truth."

Let's face it, we all have blindspots. We all have areas that we feel stuck, fearful, or not good enough. We crave connection and with that, opportunities to enhance both our personal and professional lives. Working 1:1 with a coach guides you in getting unstuck and empowers you to create a life that feels abundantly aligned.

A coach is the ultimate outside perspective to help you see what you can't, clear your blocks, honor what's working and what sucks, safely discuss your fears + your deepest desires, and feel supported in creating your best life.

As a Women's Coach and Yoga Instructor, I have created a fusion style of coaching that creates maximum results through virtual and private levels of Desire Mapping + Chakra Yoga Theory.

My goal is to help you map out your desires  to discover how you want to feel and then move into a place of abundance, trust, ease, and truth. From there, I help you to courageously bring that out into your daily life and the world to live in total alignment! That's because the Desire Map is all about feeling good. It's a hell yes life. 

I'll work with you to explore the 7 energetic chakras + 5 life areas and discover how you want to feel on a soul level. From there, the real magical shifts happen by designing a life around those core desired feelings. Goals With Soul!


OR CLICK HERE FOR LEVEL 1 (i.e. where it all begins) 

Results and Benefits I Help Women Who Work With Me Achieve

-to learn their core desired feelings
-to learn how to use their CDFs to make goals
-to find clarity
-to understand what alignment looks like to them
-to find confidence and inspiration to live their truth
-to get unstuck
-to connect with their desires
-to prioritize their self-care and what they want
-a safe space to open up and let it out
-to learn about feminine leadership in their life

-to truly feel abundant and grateful i.e. totally lit up and magnetic!

Fears and Limiting Beliefs You May Have That Are Stopping You From Taking Action

-that there is not enough time for self care
-that you are not good enough

-that you don't have money for coaching
-that you can't make money doing what you love
-other people will judge you as being naive and weird
-that you don’t know enough
-that you'll fail and/or nobody will care about what you have to offer