Vision Board workshop pics!

"I have absolutely loved working with Alyssa doing 1:1 Virtual Desire Map Coaching! She asks the most perfect questions to dive deep into what and how exactly I want to feel. She is intuitive and totally gets me! I am grateful to have stumbled upon her Instagram and connect with her!" -Sophia Nickell

Sophia's Case Study: Sophia is a devoted stay-at-home mom of 2, angel card reader, and all around magical woman who wanted to live her purpose outside of motherhood, but she wasn't exactly sure how. Turns out, confidence and clarity were all she needed! 

 -She did her FIRST live angel readings event 3 months after
finishing level 1 and 2 Desire Mapping. 
- She is now known as the “angel lady”  at her events which she wrote in
her journal back in spring that she wanted to be called that. Manifest! 
-She found a babysitter while coaching for her to go out and
have her desired alone, self-care time to recharge and continues this practice. 
-She started brainstorming a goddess retreat with a partner
2 months after coaching.
-She enjoys play more now with her kids now and is more present.
-She booked an anniversary getaway with her hubby within 3 weeks of finishing coaching.


"My experience with Alyssa and the Desire Map Level 1 Private Coaching was so enlightening and inspiring. I felt an astounding level of care and supportive love from Alyssa as we danced through the life areas and brainstormed on my true desires. When I felt a mental and emotional block, Alyssa broke through and gave me the perspective I needed to change my mindset, which allowed for my feelings to speak to me in a very real way. Alyssa held the space for me to express my most genuine and true thoughts, some that I haven't shared with many others. I am grateful for her authenticity because it is a rare gift to feel like you can be completely honest with someone without judgement. A HUGE thank you to her for helping me find clarity and magic within my own core desire feelings, she's the sweetest!" - Ashley Koltonoski


Thank you, Alyssa for being part of our journey. We do cherish you, your energy, and your ability to open up two women who spent so much time keeping ourselves composed. We can't forget the way we were spitting out the F-bomb!- Bobbie Haag on the Feel Like A Goddess Women's Circle that she did with her best friend


"I've always had an interest in Desire Mapping, but had difficulty staying engaged with the material and work through it on my own. Having Alyssa there to guide us through it, get vulnerable with us, and having the sisterhood of women there as well, made SUCH a difference! It's so meaningful to flow through this material with the support and solidarity of other people. I've been playing around with my CDF's for the past few days, and already feel a shift in how I'm approaching my choices and life. I feel way more intentional and connected to my business and relationships. I could see myself doing this quarterly to remind myself of how I want to feel, as those details can get lost in the daily minutiae. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and for creating the sacred (but real) space for us to go deep and create change in our lives." - Caitlin Walker, on an Intro to Desire Map + Yoga Workshop


"As a coach, yoga instructor, and friend, Alyssa is truly innovative in her merging of various forms of wisdom to create massive transformations. She is a firey Goddess that will help you identify and ignite your passion. Alyssa is someone you definitely want in your corner to guide you, support you, and celebrate with you as you design your life + business to align more fully with your deepest desires!" -Emily Cassel


"Working with Alyssa helped me gain the clarity and confidence that I needed to make shifts in my lifestyle in order to make a living doing the things that absolute light me up. Her passion to help others is absolutely contagious. I found myself counting down the days until the next call and thoroughly enjoyed all the homework she had us do. Alyssa is so great to work with and she creates such a safe, welcoming environment to allow you to dive deep into your soul and find clarity on your purpose."- Lindsey Melott


"Alyssa was always a positive an upbeat coach. She will keep you accountable to your own goals and guide you by asking you questions and offering advice. Alyssa is very passionate about working with girl bosses and genuinely wants you to succeed."- Kate Markowitz


Head on over to this Blog Post written by yoga retreat client to get her perspective on working with me + her opinion on the Desire Map! 


"Sisterhood. Yoga. Truth. Re-allignment. Lit Up.  The Yoga & Desire Map Workshop made me FEEL all of those things as we moved, slowed down and re-focused on our truth.  Get ready to unlock your creativity and feel your deepest desires.  Alyssa's passion created space for inspiration & inner awareness that left us all shining bright."Emily Wichryk, on an Intro to Desire Map + Yoga Workshop




"You know that feeling you get when you land on someone's page and immediately feel like you've walked into a dream of endless possibility and ethereal magic? Alyssa exudes a gentle, yet powerful feminine energy. She is the kind of coach that feels like the perfect best friend and soul sister" -Kaye Namba