Radical Thoughts On A Full Moon Eclipse

It was just this past Thursday morning, the day before the Leo Full Moon Eclipse, and I had finished a super yummy home yoga practice. After this, I meditated (I always like to move then meditate), and as I was sitting there in the silence of my own chanting and prayers, I had the sudden STRONG urge to say outloud, "I let go. My life is so good. I have everything that I need."

And in that moment, hands on my heart, I opened my eyes and out the window I saw a red bird, my universal symbol of alignment. When I see these birds, I know that I am getting a message and that I am in sync with the Divine Order and Flow of my life. So naturally, I see the bright red bird against the sparkling white snow, and I cry...a happy kinda cry.

So here's me, all alone in the house, tears welling in my eyes, and I'm talking to myself, rather I feel like I'm talking to the Universe, to something higher than me. And I'm saying, "Thank you so much for everything. Why do I worry?" And it feels like such a strong WHY, like really, whyyyyyyy? I get this answer so clear to me that it feels like a comforting blanket has just been laid over my shoulders: "You have no reason to worry. Everything is unfolding exactly when and how it should. You're so good Alyssa, so good. Really, what do you have to complain about? Everything that is meant to be, will be. You can't force anything to happen or happen sooner. If it is, then it is. If it isn't, then it isn't. Either way, you are supported always dear one. Breathe."  

I swear to you this conversation came to me crystal clear. Was I talking outloud? Not the whole time, but I heard this conversation in my mind, or maybe outside of my mind....I don't really know, but what I do know is that it felt so good. In that moment of total self acceptance of who I am and what and where my life is, I felt such RADICAL FREEDOM. 

On this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo, my sign, may you use the bravery of the Lion to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Full moons are times of release, and eclipses are times of ushering in great, swift change, closings, and openings. Be mindful that things and thoughts move faster during this time, so be aware of your energy and what you're thinking.

For every ending, there is really a beginning waiting. 


Options for Full Moon release:

1) Cry- the truest form of letting go

2) Wash it away with an intentional shower or bath

3) Write it down and burn it