Put Your Soul On the Agenda

The 2017 Desire Map Planners are here!

Clients are always asking me about prioritizing/procrastination, and this holistic planner helps you plan your days and weeks according to how you most want to feel. With space to riff and vent and dream, plus built-in sections to keep your core desired feelings front and center — this planner keeps you focused on what’s most important, while still getting shit done and moving you forward! SHOP HERE

The line includes a daily edition and weekly edition. Pick your planning flavour:        

The Desire Map Planner - Daily Edition 2017

The DAILY planner for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, and awesome A-types who love keeping track of all the big and little things.

The Desire Map Planner - Weekly Edition 2017

The WEEKLY planner is for the big dreamers, Creatives, and entrepreneurs — the planner-types who want a bird’s eye view of their week.

The weekly and daily planners make room for your core desired feelings, schedule, to-do’s, and a super condensed to-do list called 3 Things — because once you finish your top priorities, everything else is gravy. They’ve also included astro events so you can sync your soul with the planets. And of course, there are #TRUTHBOMBS a'plenty.


(they sell out every year, so move quick!)