Leading My First Yoga Retreat

This was real. I didn't imagine it. I didn't just dream it, I lived it.

Helping women heal, liberate themselves, and thrive in their most authentic selves. That's what I do.

I keep saying it's wild, and to me it truly is because I never thought this would be my reality! Two years ago this fall, I sat around a sister circle and declared to a group of women that although my dream was to lead a yoga retreat, it would never happen because no one would ever come to retreat with me. Because I thought I was nothing special. 

The lesson? Give your dreams out loud words to another human being and then give it so much love and energy. Infuse faith in your fears. Declare what sucks and put energy into feeling the opposite. This is my Purpose, and you deserve to know yours too.

From August 11-14, 7 other women and myself retreated to the woods and delved deep. We flowed our bodies in yoga. We did a bracelet binding ceremony to DECLARE our core desired feelings and tie us together in SISTERHOOD. We did yoga under the mid summer shooting stars while coyotes howled in the distance. They sang me happy birthday around a campfire. We cried. We talked about what sucks. We talked about those big big dreams. 

Sisterhood. Self Care. Solo Time. Feminine Leadership. Dreaming big. Authenticity. Feeling Safe. Love and Self Love. Personal Power. Sex. Being Present. 

These were ideas that we kept talking about at my first ever Yoga + Desire Map Weekend Retreat this past weekend in Ohiopyle State Park, PA, and I still can't believe that it happened, and all over my birthday to boot! So many aha moments, so many laughs and tears, so much to take away.

Surround yourself with those who light you up and never miss an opportunity to show up completely as yourself and dream as big as your soul is infinite. YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

Thank you, Life.

Honestly, I don't fully have words yet for my 1st ever Desire Map + Yoga Weekend Retreat, and I'm not sure that I've fully processed it yet, but all I know is that dreams and hearts were alive this weekend. Fiercely, beautifully ALIVE. 

To all you ladies, I love you and I'm so proud of you. Your presence honored me deeply, and I thank you.

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