The Ebb and Flow of Life and Money

As I read my book club’s monthly choice, Creating Money: Attracting Abundance, I find that I am learning so many new perspectives and eye-openers on money, a subject which I would have avoided like the plague most of my life (sound familiar?) One of which was the idea of money as energy that ebbs and flows. Now I had already heard of money as simply energy, but I really liked the perspective on what to do when money is seemingly on an ebb, meaning an out. Sometimes money comes in a lot as flow, and then other times, as all cycles do, it ebbs out. Like a wave. 

So what do you do when money is ebbing? I feel like this is where most of us get super uncomfortable and panicy. Me included, as goes the fear surrounding money and scarcity. 

I loved their perspective on what you can do in a time of ebb. One of which is to be grateful for all the abundance you currently have and to say thank you in advance for all that is coming. The quicker you focus on the abundance, the faster it comes back to you. Duh! But the second part was more interesting, which was to ask yourself, “What am I learning from this ebb, from this period of less money coming in? Or what is the advantage to this space and time?”

A lot of times this ebb period is slower so it can be a great time to rest, take self care uber seriously, take more time for things you love to do or for the people you love, get your house or finances organized, research new revenue streams, and brainstorm creative project ideas, etc. 

And this is where I’m at right now. My summer has slowed down a bit. My retreat next month is the last big hurrah of the season, so I focus on finishing birthing that most days, do longer yoga and meditations, journal almost every night, sit outside nightly and listen to the crickets, connect with my fav local groups (especially my book club), and I’ve started looking ahead and prepping for the fall on what fun projects and collaborations I have planned. So when I think about it, this spaciousness, this ebb, is perfect, and I’ll be ready for the flow to return in perfect timing…

So how can you enjoy the ebb and still feel abundant?