How to Channel Your Hawaiian Fire Goddess

June is for summer, and summer is for passion!

For any of you who saw my most recent oracle card pulling on Facebook Live, you know that I pulled Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess of divine passion. I have NEVER pulled this goddess before, and it really got me thinking about why she came up for me now.

The card asks us, “What is your heart’s true desire?” 

Pele felt like an invitation to really go there and think, “What do I WANT?” and that question can be really freaking scary. But why? Why is it so hard to just say I 

want _______(insert beautiful dreams)________?

I think part of the reason lies in our own fear of FAILURE. Of what if I give it all I got and it doesn’t work? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if people will misunderstand me or talk about me behind my back? Will my family support me? Will people think I'm selfish or crazy or delusional? Do I think I'm selfish or crazy or delusional for wanting this, or thinking that I can have it? Not to mention that it requires a whole lot of self exploration to pursue your best life and figuring out what the hell that even means for you!

But here’s the thing, it’s not about asking, “What do you want if you could not fail,” but rather, “What do you want even if you MIGHT fail?” 

News flash, perceived “failure” is bound to happen time and time again, but holding back from living YOUR best life just because you're afraid of looking silly or disappointing people or losing time, think about it, it doesn’t make any sense! You WILL be misunderstood by people no matter what you do, you WILL disappoint people any how, and the time WILL pass anyways. So the question becomes, what are you going to pursue in the mean time? 

So be like Pele this month and give yourself permission to be led by your passions in big ways and small ways…go on that exotic trip, pursue that dream job, wink at the drop dead gorgeous guy!