Goddess to girlboss & finding the balance for a healthy love life

A look at modern romantic relationships and how to rebalance the masculine, feminine energies for a healthy, happy love life.

In today’s relationships, does the woman lead or does the man lead? 

As I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Awakened Goddess Show, I was intently listening on a particular section of the show, featuring Renee Starr, as she talked about relationships and how the masculine, feminine roles have changed slightly in today’s typical couple. But how exactly?

She had a really interesting point that perhaps conflict occurs in modern relationships when the woman tries to take over the masculine role of leading the household and the relationship. She’s all about getting things done, checking things off a list, let’s have 3 kids by the age of 33, and let’s move into that neighborhood by the time the kids are in school. We do. We do A LOT. We micro manage. We plan. We ACT. 

Renee explained that action could be used to describe the masculine, while receive and surrender were more in line with the feminine nature. But in terms of today’s woman, as women have made strides in their independence and equality with men, they have unintentionally taken on too much of the masculine energy in their life, and for this piece, their relationships which can threaten the man's innate role inadvertently.

This really struck a cord with me, as I myself am very proud of my girlboss staus, and I specifically work with a lot of ladypreneurs who also thrive under this identity and feel very much connected to the girlboss. So what about us? What about me? Do I show up too masculine in my relationship? How do I feel about femininity and receiving instead of always doing? The short answer is Yes, I definitely tend to come across with a very action-oriented mindset with my business and that trickles into my love life, and I feel that this podcast spoke to me because the divine feminine within me wants to have more time at the surface. 

Let me be very clear, I am an adamant supporter of the girlboss and women owning their life and passions, but after thinking about it, these women, including myself, need to remember to honor their feminine nature. To remember that their femininity is an asset; they they have so much uniquely to bring to a loving relationship. Women bring tenderness, nourishment, and emotion, and yet somehow along the way, I think that those qualities have become seen as potential weakness, and therefore, that we should be more masculine. 

But Renee believes that the most functioning, healthy, loving relationship, happens when the masculine energy is supplied predominately by the male and the feminine energy is supplied predominately by the female, in which this can even be applied to same-sex couples and who takes on what energy in it. 

She believes that if women could 1) step into their own goddess magic and own their divine feminine nature by practicing more self care, for example, and 2) become okay with opening to receive and surrender more in their loving relationship, rather than constantly acting and doing, that if they left more of that energy up to the protective male and trusted that he would do it, that the man would bow to the feet of the goddess herself and provide in leaps and bounds at the alignment of the sexes. 

So what do you think? Do you lead in your relationship or are you led?

I believe there is a balance that must be had in order to apply this theory to today’s modern world, especially with women truly stepping into more independent roles, but overall, I agree that taking back and owning the divine feminine within myself and yourself, especially as girlbosses, is essential to honoring who we are and what we have to give in our relationships and life. In short, loosen the reins a bit, trust, slow down, take care of yourself, and let him bow to the goddess!

Listen to the Return of the Goddess episode HERE!