Who keeps you accountable?

As I was hanging out with my family for our weekly Sunday dinner yesterday, my brother-in-law smugly asks me, "So when are you going to blog again?" A smile immediately cracks across my face because I know that I have been caught in my own avoidance. I haven't written on my blog here since September, and it's the one part of my business that I just can't seem to get a consistent schedule with. I suppose I always feel too busy to sit down and write unless it's writing coaching program content or writing for another blog publication (although I haven't done much of that either!), but if I'm not going to write my blog, then who is? Nobody. 

So here I am, the day after my brother-in-law has called me out, and I am going to make an honest effort to write here once a month. I am not perfect, nobody is, and although I love my website and am constantly tweaking the web copy, what about the fun stuff?! What about the blog? I haven't been giving it my attention, but my creative thoughts deserve that writing space just as much as my business thoughts deserve the right to make fabulous web copy. It's time to prioritize creative writing, just for the sake of creative writing. No selling. No key words. Just writing. 

My thought then becomes, who keeps you accountable? I just finished 1:1 coaching with my life coach, I have a marketing consultant, and tons of friends within the personal growth sphere, but who manages to get my attention?? My bro-in-law who sweetly reads my blog and keeps up on what I'm doing, even though it doesn't fully resonate with him! Don't get me wrong, I seriously value my professional coaches, but help can come in many forms.

Accountability and truth can pop up in the most unlikely places, and if you're willing to see and accept truth wherever and from whoever it may come from, expected or not, then you have the ability to make changes. The key is to be open-minded when the truth comes in to receive it with grace.

So who keeps you accountable? Where could you find a uniquely helpful perspective? What are you avoiding doing and WHY? What needs tending to? You may just surprise yourself.

P.S. Thanks Mark <3