How To Feel Abundant During The Holidays

For many of us, the holidays can be a stressful time due to the amount of spending on buying gifts for family and friends. And while giving gifts is a part of my my love languages (see the love languages book), I also feel some anxiety around this time of year. So how can we possibly feel abundant when money seems to be flying out of our a**?! Easy. Flip your perspective on what abundance means. 

By definition, abundance is simply, "A very large quantity of something," so why do we only seem to associate it with money? Many of my Desire Map private clients realize that abundance is a core desired feeling for them, which makes sense because it is one of mine and your vibe attracts your tribe, but I don't think that they are just talking about physical cash here. No, it's a feeling or state of abundance that they seek to cultivate. For them and for myself, abundance is about feeling whole, fulfilled, joy, and gratitude, and from that positive place comes physical cash  (more on that in a bit).

Sure, a plethora of money is nice and cushy, but it doesn't necessarily equate to feeling abundant. Think about movie stars and singers who had god-like amounts of money and yet they fell down the rabbit-hole of fame and checked into rehab, or even worse, lost their life to drugs or alcohol. Do you think they were embodying abundance even though they had so much money? I don't think so. Because abundance is a state of mind, not the sum in your bank account. 

So I know you're probably thinking, yes, I agree with you, but that doesn't change the fact that I have or want to give gifts this year and that costs moolah. Well yes, you're right, but I have a  couple of suggestions for you aside from flipping your perspective, which we just talked about.

1) Change your inner dialogue- Your thoughts truly become things, and when you constantly think negatively about money and the lack thereof you are only telling the Universe that you want more lack and negativity in all forms, including money, but even worse, your happiness, which could be why some people are so angry at this time of year. They are focusing on the wrong things. Yes, gifts are nice, but what about giving or receiving gifts is nice? Not the money spent, it's the joy and gratitude that they bring. Start thinking positive about life and money and I promise you your outer world will change. BONUS TIP: Try this affirmation, "Money and I are learning to become best friends. We value and respect each other." 

2) Make handmade gifts- People tend to assume that the fanciest gifts are the best, but I beg to differ. I have had some amazing handmade gifts given to me that truly melted my heart, including two paintings from a friend and a former client. This year I am doing almost all DIY gifts, and I am freaking jazzed about making them! Infuse love into what you make and keep the receiver in mind, and I don't think you can go wrong. 

3) Not everyone needs a gift- This once is pretty self explanatory, but seriously not everyone deserves a gift. Be honest with yourself about why you are buying the gifts and if it isn't because you truly want to give them something out of love and kindness, not out of obligation, then don't do it. Perhaps just send cards to people you are unsure about and be sure to do a little hand-written note for a personal touch. 

4) Start budgeting in January- I learned this tip from someone else, but if you know roundabout how much extra money you need for the holidays, then start budgeting in January for the following holiday putting x amount of dollars away per month so it's broken down into small, manageable chunks. That way, by the time December comes around, no stress baby! (Just be sure to not spend the money you are putting away!) BONUS Tip: Use a budgeting app like mint or 

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