Happy Fall, happy balance!

It's the 1st day of Autumn!

As it is the first day of Autumn, I say not only happy fall, but also, happy balance! Why balance? Well, besides today, there is only one other time during the year where day and night or light and dark, are of equal balance, the other day being in March during the Spring Equinox.

So what does balance mean to you? For me, balance isn't about doing everything in your life 100% all the time and making sure that home, career, family, friends, health, etc., get perfect measurements of my time and energy. No, No. For me, that is not balance at all. On the contrary, I think balance is about being a bit unbalanced and being totally ok with it because you acknowledge that that's life; that's balance. 

Think about it, if you are steadfastly creating in order to bring your dream career as a writer come into existence, do you think that you're giving just as much energy to your husband as you (or rather he) may prefer? Probably not. But that's ok. That's life. That's balance. It's having a partner who loves and respects you. It's loving and respecting yourself. I believe that you're doing the areas of your life a disservice if you connately try and give equal time and energy to all of them because that means at no point in time are you giving one area special love and attention to blossom. 

Now you may be wondering, "Well what about when you are so invested in say, your career, and your husband starts to get angry with you for always writing and ignoring him?" The key? Well it's  balance again, friends!

When I say that perfect balance isn't possible because you will (and you should) devote more time and energy to one or more areas of you life at a time for certain reasons, I don't mean that you should be fully blowing off other life areas until you have time to get back to them. No, that's not balance either. I believe that a part of the trick of my kind of balance, is knowing when you are perhaps going too far in one life area or project, and the other areas of your life need some serious tending too. In other words, the "unbalanced" side of my idea of balance, requires you to not tip the scale too far in one way or the other...BALANCE.

What's your favorite part of fall? The food, the colors, the smell, the festivals? I'd love to know!