today's goal

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I really want out of life and my career. Then I realized that some choices and meetings that I have made/had recently aren’t exactly aligning with my true desires, and I think I could be rushing and/or confusing my intentions. So today I’m declaring to change that!

Getting clear on your vision and how you want to feel in your life acts a catalyst to make it happen! All of a sudden it’s like, “I know exactly what I want! I know exactly how I want to feel, and now I get how to make that happen! Let’s do this, this, and this! WOO!”

I am making an effort today to really start getting clear on my passions and how to form my passion-based business + life! So what kind of reality do you want? How do you want that life to feel? Clarity leads to Reality. #todaysgoal