August Vision Board

"August is like the Sunday of summer."

I love this quote. Growing up with a birthday in August I always had that feeling that people somehow didn't look forward to celebrating my birthday because it was in mid August and that meant that fall was right around the corner, not to mention school. But now that I'm older, and turning 25 on August 13th, I can't help but feel that that sense of dread no longer hangs around my month of birth...because August is like the Sunday of summer, and I think Sunday's are awesome.

Sundays are my days for family, home-cooked meals, and relaxing. Dad is drinking a whiskey and coke, my mom and oldest sister nurse a bottle of wine, and my nephew plays in the mini pool. So why do Sundays and August get such a bad wrap? I think the answer lies in our inner search for freedom. People don't like Sundays because they dread their work week where they feel stuck, trapped, and unfulfilled. Similarly, people don't like August because it represents the last full month of summer, which is the carefree season. So people don't like Sundays or August because they want to feel free and happy. 

But what if we loved what we did for a living? What if we carried the easy going vibes of a Sunday and the lightness of a summer day in our hearts every single day, even in the depths of winter? What if we did this instead of worrying about the future and lived for today? 

I think Sundays and August would get a better wrap, and we would all be a lot more happy.