Product Review: Newport Skinny Tea

 Newport Skinny Tea Product Review

Newport Skinny Tea Product Review

One of my all-time favorite things is sharing what I learn with others, and I especially love to help people live their best lives, which is why I started doing product reviews in the first place- to help people be their best! I am happy to be the guinea pig! ( contact me for collaborations! )

So without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to Newport Skinny Tea! According to their website,  "Newport Skinny Tea is dedicated to helping you become your authentic, blissful self, whatever that means to YOU! We are a company that believes ancient herbs & teas are the most effective, safest way to get to the most vital, beautiful you."

It is organic and preservative free, and this is what the Tea may help with along with utilizing their eating plan: via About Us

  1. Burn fat & counteract fat storage
  2. Increase your metabolism
  3. Burn calories & convert food to energy
  4. Regulate blood sugar levels
  5. Assist in the digestion of food
  6. Suppress your appetite
  7. Improve skin health
  8. Improve your quality of sleep 
  9. Cleanse & detoxify body
  10. Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  11. You reach your health/weight loss goals
  12. Increase your ability to complete exercise and stay strong through it

The Review:

Products: Newport Skinny Daytime Tea, Newport Skinny Nighttime Tea

How long did I do the cleanse for? 1 week.

Weight loss: 2 pounds

Taste: Quite yummy with some light stevia or honey! I have had other detox teas in the past that tasted quite horrible so this was refreshingly good!

Energy levels: Good! I barely drank coffee during the week and really didn't feel the need to.

Eating plan: I fully admit that I did not do the eating plan as prescribed. I have done detox teas in the past, and I have never done their eating plans. I simply watch what I eat and workout as usual. I personally don't like dieting to begin with, so I make it a point to simply have self-discipline and go from there. I feel like I do not want to be bothered with drastically changing my food intake to be gluten free, no dairy, and hardly any bananas, for example. No thanks. 

Final thoughts: Ok, so overall I felt that the Tea mildly worked. I started at 133.5 lbs. and went down to 131.5, so two pounds lost. I had energy, and it actually tasted good. However, I have done other teatoxes in the past and lost 5 pounds in 1 week (with no eating plan), so overall I was not blown away by the weight loss effectiveness of this tea. Despite that, I certainly think that it was flushing me out daily, just not quite to the same level of weight loss and less bloat that I have encountered before. 

Concerning how easy it was to do, I struggle with teatoxes because I tend to bee-bop around during the day for work so it's always hard for me to get that second afternoon tea in, and I think I prefer teatoxes that don't require the second daytime tea; I prefer just 1 morning and 1 night tea.

With that being said, everyone's body responds differently, and if you are looking to tip toe into the world of teatox, then maybe this is a good option to get your feet wet first! 

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