I'm a Desire Map Facilitator!

  Click here  to stay up to date with my Desire Map Level 1 + Yoga workshops!

Click here to stay up to date with my Desire Map Level 1 + Yoga workshops!

How do you want to feel?

The Desire Map started out as a book, written by Danielle LaPorte. From there, it became the driver of over 500 book clubs around the world.

At the heart of it all? A commitment to feeling good.

Cynics would say that choosing to place your focus on feeling good is silly – maybe, even selfish.

But I (and thousands of other Desire Mappers around the globe) know better. Because who wants to live a life that doesn’t feel good?

Who wants to work in a job that sucks their life force?_

Who wants to be in relationships where they don’t feel nourished and honored?_

Who wants to feel bored in their own life?_

Not me. And I’m pretty sure, not you.

The Desire Map taught me how to make better choices by making decisions based on my core desired feelings. And that boils down to living a life that feels good to live.

I’ve watched this book inspire major transformation in my own life and in the lives of many others. I believe in this material — I know that it works.

… which is why, I’m taking my passion for The Desire Map one step further. I have become an Official Licensed Facilitator of The Desire Map. Woo!

I’m stepping up and offering to guide other people through the desire mapping process by hosting my very own workshops. First up: The Desire Map Workshop: Level 1 + Yoga

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I don’t believe we’re on this planet to live unfulfilled lives, or to let our potential go unrealized.

I DO believe that we’re each here to design a life that feels good. Feel good at work, in your clothes, in your relationships, in your heart.

It’d be my honor to support you in creating that. I’d love to see you at my Desire Map + Yoga workshops.



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