The May Flower Full Moon and You

How being in tune with nature's cycles and having an open heart can change your life. 

Remember back in March when we had that amazing eclipse, supermoon, and spring equinox all happening at the same time? I recall posting about it on Instagram and inviting everyone to open up for change and new beginnings, and you know what? I got engaged that Sunday! Talk about inviting in a new chapter!!!

Well, we just had a full moon -The May Flower Full Moon to be exact - and although any full moon is a great time to invite change and let go of what's not serving you, the Flower Full Moon is an especially good time to put some magic into a job or your career you desire! Which leads me to this...

It has occurred to me again that without realizing it until after the fact, this week I made a serious commitment to a brand new business venture (which I cannot wait to tell you all about!) and it lines up perfectly with the full moon! The point being that if you have an open heart and allow the universe and yourself to flow as one, you may just find the answers or clarity that you were looking for to take steps or leaps towards your truth. I have done this pretty unintentionally the past two times, and yet I believe it happened because I was really working towards trusting the process. But what if we took it a step further and did some fun research... 

It may seem odd at first, but what if you consulted your horoscope or the moon phases for the best time of the month to start a new venture or submit a proposal for work? Or what if you got in tune with your menstrual cycle (which is in keeping with the feminine moon cycles btw!) and you chose what days to meet with clients in person based on how likable and desirable you are during a certain time of the month? It can sound strange, but it honestly makes sense once you do some research. (*Read Woman Code for more on that portion*) 

Overall, seek and find synchronicity with the flow of life, and you'll be surprised at how rewarding it can be. Trust. 🌒🌓🌓🌕

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