Today's Goal


Have you ever stumbled upon someone on Instagram or maybe met someone in person, and they just totally blew you away? Like, you said to yourself, "Wow, I really dig (insert name). I feel like I connected with them!"

Well I know that I have been there, and every time it has happened, I have been taken a back by the force of it! When you find someone who totally vibes with you or inspires you to be your best self, it's a legit, excited, tingly feeling! So don't let it pass you by!

The people that inspire us are soul gifts who should be treasured. They help us to come back to our highest selves.

This week I encourage you to reach out to someone who inspires you, whether you know them well, or not so well. It could be as simple as commenting on their Instagram handle and telling them how they have impacted your life (everyone loves to hear that!), or as forward as sending an email asking them to collaborate (this is a great idea when you are in similar work fields especially). I have done both, and I can honestly say that I feel energized when I reach out! I have even collaborated for Instagram challenges and created working partnerships, including landing two yoga teaching jobs and creating the amazing project that I am working on right now with my friend, Emily, by reaching out to people who inspire me! 

Who can you reach out to? Be sure to use the hashtags #todaysgoal  #liveyourblisscall so that I can see on Instagram

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