Today's Goal


This past Memorial Day weekend, I had the pleasure to sit back and relax. I went to a baseball game, had a barbecue with family, and my fiance and I decided to go buy some herbs for our urban garden! Off to Lowes we went!

Included in our garden will be peppers, tomatoes, stevia, basil, mint, parsley, and lemon balm (for tea). We are planting all of these lovelies into an old pallet that we reconfigured into flower/herb boxes, and we are spray painting it bright orange for the backyard!

Coming off of this "get your hands dirty" vibe, I want to encourage you to do the same, because sometimes you just gotta get in there with your bare hands and werk. It feels wholesome to accomplish things with our hands. So maybe it's a watercolor painting or tending your garden, whatever feels good and dirty and hands-on to you, DO IT! #create 

xo Lys

How do you like to get dirty? (keep it clean!) Be sure to use the hashtags #todaysgoal and #liveyourblisscall so that I can see on Instagram

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