From me to you


Welcome back to From Me to You, May edition! April's newsletter was pretty successful, which encouraged me for this month to keep sharing, Enjoy! 

Current Obsession @Rutzskincare I recently started using this organic, vegan skincare line, and I am most surely obsessed with it! The line is based in Pittsburgh (even better!), and the creator is such a beautiful soul with true passion. If you go to the Rutz website, you will most surely be blown away by the level of heart and authenticity that is so transparent in the company! Rutz is about being true to yourself, and I LOVE that. To top it all off, the marketing is NOT just fluff. With ingredients like rose oil, lemon, and orange, the face wash is no joke the best smelling face wash that I have ever used, and the spa-ahhh elixir mist, which is great as a base and makeup refresher too, have made my skin glow and become nearly blemish FREE! I was dealing with some really annoying skin issues (think teenager skin), and nothing was working, but this truly did. Ok, I could talk forever about this, or you could just check it out!! 

I Highly Recommend OH MY YOG  I love this organic yogurt from Stonyfield. If you’re like me, you have searched for organic yogurt that isn’t a fortune and actually tastes good! As I was strolling through the local grocery store, I stumbled upon Oh My Yog, and it was on sale for 10 for $10! I almost thought it was a mistake, but I scooped up a whole bundle and went on my merry way, feeling like I just scored big, and I had! My fiancé and I both loved the tri-layer yogurt (especially Madagascar Vanilla), and we were so glad to know that it was organic, plus it still had around 7g of protein! Win Win!

You Gotta Read This The Desire Map If you all have been following me or know me at all, you have probably picked up on the fact that I am in love with The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. I have a true woman crush on this goddess! Her writing is superb, and if you want to feel truly inspired to start living your truth and getting in touch with what you REALLY want out of life, then READ THIS BOOK! I could go on and on and on and on, but I’ll stop there. Just read it. (P.S. major news happening soon with me and this book- stay tuned!)

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xo Lys