Today's Goal

Today's Goal: Check no emails after dinner. 

This one can be a bit tough, I know. But really, can we all just take a step back and not check our emails every time we see the little number on the mail app? Better yet, maybe we commit to turning that email notification noise off for an entire week?! Cue GASP!

Honestly, I am writing this sarcastically because I obsess with checking my emails too. Grant it, while my meticulous and dependable habit is great for clients and customers, it isn't necessarily the healthiest thing for me. My nerves could use a break..

I think I get a weird rush when I see new emails sitting in my inbox like a present waiting to be open. I would guess that this has to do with my positivity, because it feels like I'm always expecting some amazing opportunity to arrive in my inbox and change my day, maybe even my life. Like, "Who could be emailing me with the next big adventure, the next dream opportunity?! " At least, that's how I look at it, so I suppose that's better than checking email incessantly waiting for bills or something.

Buuuut, I still think that we could all use a break from our emails. So let's delight in more tangible pleasures once we're home, like eating some good food, having awesome conversation, and waiting until tomorrow to get to those emails. After all, they'll still be there.

xo Lys

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