From Me to You

Many people ask me questions like, "How do I pursue my dream career or find inspiration?" or "Where did you get those pants?" or "What are you reading right now?" and I have come to the realization that I LOVE sharing with people my newest healthy obsessions or my game-changing favorites! So why not write about it?

Welcome to my latest blog series, "From Me to You." Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way getting paid to share any of this, I simply love the products and knowledge that they have to offer! The series will consist of 3 categories to start: 1) My Current Obsession 2) I Highly Recommend 3) You Gotta Read This

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My Current Obsession @yellowconference  Wow! I totally admire their mission: to create a digital hub for creative + passionate women to gather and bloom together. It's perfection. They host an annual conference in LA, but they are now seeking to expand and create a digital space for those of us no where near there. Don't take my word for it, check out their KICKSTARTER campaign, and if you're moved even in the slightest donate what you can, a $1 helps, or simply tag a few friends on their Instagram account! #bloomtogether

I Highly Recommend So I recently joined in on this speaker series called,  The Adventurous Entrepreneur: build a business and lifestyle you love while traveling the world, in which Emily Utter interviews over 20 inspirational speakers who rock their fields! As a budding entrepreneur and free spirit, I LOVE this kind of thing! If you're like me, you desire an authentic life that you love, and you refuse to settle for less! I believe that this will help guide us to do just that. They only just started this week so it's not too late to jump in! Let me know what you think! 

You Gotta Read This Fire Starter Sessions. If you all haven't gotten on the @DanielleLaporte bandwagon then hop on and join the tribe of creatives and freedom seekers all over the world! This book will ignite you with inspiration to go after your dream life and career with all the tools you need, including worksheets and her kick-ass, flawless writing, of course! This is a game changer. Do yourself a favor and read it.