Today's Goal


Current Life events and plans have got me thinking about old friends. You know, the ones who have always been there. You change, they change, life pulls you in different directions, but you always know that they're only a phone call away. They're always there to listen. Something about having people in your life who know where you come from is so rewarding; like chicken soup for the soul.

So for today's goal, I invite you to reach out to an old pal, a soul sister, maybe someone who you haven't talked to in a looong time. My maid of honor and I literally didn't talk for about 2-3 years - I can't even remember - and then we met back up one day, and it was like no time had past. We reminisced over coffee and caught up to speed as best we could.There were no hard feeling, the cosmos had just pulled us apart for a time. Looking back I think the universe was giving us time to become the women we were meant to be. I think we needed to be separate for that. 

Fast track a year later and not only are we planning kick-ass, female-powered collaborations, but she's also my maid of honor; couldn't imagine anyone else better for the job! Now did I always think that? No. I had a totally different vision of who would be standing next to me, but I have learned that people come and people go as life ebbs and flows, and it is always for a reason.

Who can you reach out to?  #todaysgoal #liveyourblisscall

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