is the grass always greener?

We have all done it. We have envied another yogi for their athletic strides, for how back-bendy they are, for how awesome they straight handstand, or for their arm balancing badassness. But, you know what yoga has taught me, the grass really is always greener, and we need to simply love ourselves for just the way we are.

Personal example. I am a fairly back-bendy type person. A simple example, if I do cat/cow series, my cow is way more exaggerated than my cat. I literally don’t understand how people can round their upper back like that?! I can bend fairly deep into beautiful postures like king pigeon and make my toes touch my head, but ask me to handstand, and I’m all banana back.

I am dealing with injury, in, of course, my lower back, and my physical therapist informed me that my spine and build naturally hyper-extends in my lower thoracic/lumbar area (I believe he said my L3 and L4). On the contrary, I am pretty closed off in my L5 and sacrum because I am constantly over compensating in my hyper bendy areas, thus compressing my deep lower back/sacrum.

This pain is real. It sucks. Flat out. But I have been trying for months to try and see the flip side of this; what am I learning? As I thought about it, I realized that I constantly think to myself, “I wish my back wasn’t so curvy so that I could get out of my banana back more easily.” But then I hear people say, “I wish my back didn’t feel so locked up so that I could do more graceful wheels and advanced backbends.”

 Comparison is the thief of all joy. What a true, true statement. Love yourself and where you are at today. Love how your body was divinely made. Realize that someone is wishing for what you already have, but are too disgruntled to see as a gift, a unique gift that makes you, YOU.