A Halloween Lesson: Let Loose & Be You

It's Halloween, that means that it's time to get wild, go out with friends, dance like a fool, and of course, dress up! But all of this talk of going out and abandoning your identity (and maybe some inhibitions) for a night, is a great reminder to let loose and be whoever you want to be! 

But really, why do we need a permission slip from the holiday on the calendar to get a little crazy and have some serious fun? Why not go out with friends on a random Thursday just because it would feel good everyone once in a while? I think we are too hard on ourselves and we tend to wait to do things out of necessity, rather than self-care. Think about it, the bubble bath you only take when you've hit rocketing stress levels. The pedicure you only get then you're about to go on vacation. The wild night out with friends that you only do when a special event comes up.

Now I'm not saying that you have to get pedicures every month and go out every week, but my point is that we often wait until we are in a state of high stress, sadness, depression, or depravation when we FINALLY decide to do something about it. But sometimes we can take a bubble bath when we are perfectly content, on a random Tuesday evening, just because. 

And while we're at it, remember that you can do, have, and be anything that you want, as long as you're willing to put in the work! Halloween is the time of year to dress up and pretend that you're someone else. You get to choose whatever identity that you would like to take up for the night and roll with it! But in reality, we CAN be whoever the hell we want to be! We get to choose how we shape our lives, what we choose to do. Life doesn't happen to you, you are an active participant. So who do you want to be?