New Moon Intention Setting Party!

Today marks another New Moon!

This is the time to set intentions and dreams. But where do you start? Here's some tips for having a masterful New Moon Intention Setting Party with yourself or others:

1) Set the scene

Gather your moon friends and host a new moon party! This doesn't have to be a big deal. It can simply be at your house, inside or outside, with some blankets, candles, angel or goddess cards, and of course pen and paper! You can jazz this party up with whatever magic suits you best. Maybe you all make a little altar to call in your desires and honor your dreams? Maybe you take a walk together to watch the night sky and soak in the magic? Whatever you do, do it with a light, open heart and mind!

2) Write it out

Write down all of your intentions and either share them out loud or just read them to yourself. Ramble away. No holding back. What do you desire? This is a great time to set new intentions altogether and reassess old ones. Maybe you stick to old intentions, or maybe you don't..our desires change like the moon phases. You could even make a vision board, as well (or simply host a vision board party!)

3) Place your intentions somewhere sacred

ow that you've finished writing down your desires, it's time to give them some soular-power. Place your writings beneath the moon and stars and charge them up. You can also place them under your pillow or by your altar, whatever feels sacred to you. Say to the universe either alone or with the group, "Thank you for helping me clearly see and feel my intentions, and I ask for your collaborative guidance in manifesting them." You can also write this on the top of your paper, as well.

4) Keep your intentions alive

A beautiful way to keep your intentions alive until the next full moon is to also charge up your crystals along with your journal writings, and take the crystals with you wherever you go since they're smaller. Or maybe you have a special piece of jewelry that you want to sprinkle some magic into? Charge it up and wear it proudly! This way you'll get a daily reminder to keep up your end of the bargain and actively collaborate with the universe and inspiration to make your dreams come true! 

P.S. My online course, "Creating Your Lifestyle Career" begins tomorrow, and sales end tonight! If you're ready to create a business you love, then the New Moon Energy is the perfect time to start! We will be doing some intention setting to kick off the course, as well!