To the Chronic Doer: Learning to Enjoy Your Plateau - at least until you conquer your next great feat ;)

You feel like you have been climbing a mountain towards this vision, this dream in your head. And it’s been tiring and trying, but you have finally managed to get to the peak, and now, after the celebratory “you did it!” stage, now you seem to be coming down a bit from that high and just riding along a steady line, not necessarily going down, just stable. You got what you wanted, what you worked so hard for, and now you’re supposed to enjoy it, except it feels weird to have what you so desired. All of a sudden there’s no ups and downs, and twists and turns, and life just seems more predictable and calm. It’s All Good. So why do you feel restless?

Are you one of those people who usually feels a compulsion to be doing something? Doing nothing may not come easy, and hustling is in your veins. Yea, I’m sometimes like that too. But I’m getting better. I’m learning to love the peace and quiet and calm of when life slows down, and it’s just all good. Here’s what I’ve been pondering:

I finally got the job I have been trying to manifest for a little over a year, and I’m beginning my YTT, something I wanted to do last February, but it just didn’t feel like the right time. I finally live with my boyfriend in our house; we have been together 9 years, since we were 15, and we have always daydreamed about living together. I traded in my old car, and my finances are all in check. Hmmm life feels good, really good, and that feels…odd…

Not that my life was bad before, but it was so much more chaotic. I didn’t know where my life was going; I just had a vision. I didn’t always know where I would be working, and I was constantly researching jobs and thinking of ways to make my dreams a reality. I flip-flopped all over the place; I had highs and lows, but now it feels like I’ve hit some sort of a destination, a staying place, at least for a little while.

Some of you may be thinking this is total crap, and that I’m completely annoying complaining about my good life, but that’s not it; I’m not complaining. I’m merely acknowledging that it’s kind of crazy weird to all of a sudden get what you’ve been working so hard for. It’s a strange feeling of being unbelievably grateful for arriving at your destination and yet restless for activity at the same time.

Has any one else ever felt this way? Is it as odd as it feels to me? I guess the point of this article is to share. Because I think a lot of people talk about how great it is once you hit your dream mark but then the gentle wind down from that high isn’t really talked about. But maybe, just maybe, learning to feel true happiness and ease while riding your plateau is even better than the high of hitting your peak. Maybe learning to live your dream day in and day out beyond that initial ecstasy, and feeling truly grateful and humbled by your journey, is the real joy in manifesting your vision.

What do you think?