The Magic in Believing: How Christmas Can Help Us Achieve Our Dreams

Last Christmas, when my nephew was three, he was watching “The Santa Clause” movie, and he began to cry when they arrest Santa at the end (hope I’m not spoiling this for anyone hehe). He said to my sister, “Why did they arrest Santa?!” in the most concerned, sad voice. He was truly so worried that Santa was being taken to jail, never to bring joy to children again. And when he was only 2 years old, he saw Santa in a parade, and my sister recorded his reaction. As I watched him point wildly at Santa as he sat atop my brother-in-laws shoulders, I saw his face turn to pure joy as he laid eyes on the big-bearded man in a red suit. His eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights and his smile wrapped from ear to ear. Even writing about it now, I get tears in my eyes thinking about his innocence, his happiness, his utter belief in Santa Claus.

DSC_0003 - Version 2.jpg

What would it be like if we all could keep that unyielding faith in magic, in miracles, in the idea that anything is possible? What feats could we accomplish? What amazing lives would we be living? Would we give more to others? Would we fight for for our dream jobs? Would we love more? I can’t help but think about what a lesson my nephew has taught me, especially at this time of year when we get to relive the magic of the season all over again.

In the sequel, “The Santa Clause 2,” Santa’s son says, “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing,” and I can’t think of a better way to say it!  Truly, if we can learn that waiting to see something happen is not the best way to make dreams come true, but rather, seeing and envisioning your dream life and a better world, is the first step to manifesting it, then we will go so far. When we see it in our minds and believe in something with all of our hearts, that’s when we can manifest it as reality. It’s as if believing and seeing are one in the same--If you see it, you can achieve it. If you believe it, can you can achieve it.

Keep the spirit of Christmas and believing in your hearts all year long, and watch the magic unfold and shine!