Back Pain Be Gone: 6 Poses That Helped Me Relieve Low Back Pain

Hi, all! Welcome to my bliss blog! As I sat down to think about what my 1st post should be about, I thought, "What can a lot of people relate to?" Low back pain! Now while this may not seem very fancy or exciting for a first post, it's real, and that's what this blog is all about! 

So I know that many of you out there can identify with having low back pain, especially from living in a society where we sit a lot and over work ourselves. I personally struggle with low back pain because of my "s" curve scoliosis (I actually wore a brace when I was about 11). My recent visit with an orthopedic doctor helped motivate me to share this post since there is no magic pill to make low back pain go away. 

Below I share 6 poses/exercises that have helped me to alleviate my back/sciatic area pain (although I have not been diagnosed with sciatica). I have been doing these poses consistently since I had my appointment, and I feel amazing after warming up my body with them in the morning! **Please note that these work for my body, but I am by no means a doctor, and you should always listen to your body and doctor!

1) Option 1-Modified Bridge Pose, lay flat on your back (bum not raised) with both hands over your head on the ground with the palms facing up, inhale, then exhale to lift one leg extended straight out past the knee, foot flexed. I hold for 5 ujjayi breaths x2. Release foot down slowly. Repeat on other side. Option 2-Advanced Bridge Pose with arms at your sides, palms down. From bridge pose (with the bum lifted off the ground this time), lift and extend one leg straight out past the knee, foot flexed. I hold for 5 ujjayi breaths x2. Repeat on other side. **Helps strengthen the core and lumbar spine.

2) Stand on your knees on the balls of your feet, hips are in line with the knees, and the arms are up over your head. Inhale, then exhale as you begin to lean hands forward to touch the ground. Movement is from the hips. Inhale to come up back to starting position. I do this about 10x. **Helps strengthen the core and lumbar spine.

3) Cat/Cow Pose. I do about 5 slow ujjayi rounds. **Helps strengthen the spine and stretches the back and spine. Also may help to relieve low back pain and sciatica. 

4) Sphinx Pose. I start with traditional Sphinx and then move to a more intense variation with the elbows and part of the forearms lifted, but the shoulders continue to roll down the back, not up at the ears. I usually hold for about 5 slow ujjayi breaths. **Helps release the lower back.

5) Table Top with right leg lifted and extended behind you and the left arm extended straight out in front of you with the thumb up. Right foot is flexed and the toes point down. The back is flat like a table, and the belly button is pulling in. Gaze is down. I hold for about 5 slow ujjayi rounds x2. Repeat on other side. **Helps strengthen the core and lumbar spine.

6) Legs Up the Wall. Use props to get comfortable, like a pillow for your head or a bolster against the wall to sit on. I hold this for 15 minutes right before bed. When done, slowly roll out to the right into child's pose. **Helps to alleviate low back pain, aids in calming you for sleeping, and reverses blood flow, thus giving the heart a break.

Did this post help you? I'll keep you posted on how I'm healing, and I'd LOVE to hear the same from you!