Where to Find Me/What the Hell Have I Been Doing?!

Hi Guys, if you haven't noticed, pretty much ALL of my energy is going into the birthing of my new product and card deck, The Journal Deck, and I have given it nearly all of my time, energy, and love minus my Ohiopyle Yoga Retreat happening August 17-20th 2017 (4 spots left!), and my weekly classes, of course. 

So if you want to stay up to date with me, the best thing you can do is follow along over at thejournaldeck.com or on Facebook or Instagram. I also am so proud to say I have a podcast called The Self Care Spotlight!  

Thank you for being here and being on this journey with me! 


Radical Thoughts On A Full Moon Eclipse

It was just this past Thursday morning, the day before the Leo Full Moon Eclipse, and I had finished a super yummy home yoga practice. After this, I meditated (I always like to move then meditate), and as I was sitting there in the silence of my own chanting and prayers, I had the sudden STRONG urge to say outloud, "I let go. My life is so good. I have everything that I need."

And in that moment, hands on my heart, I opened my eyes and out the window I saw a red bird, my universal symbol of alignment. When I see these birds, I know that I am getting a message and that I am in sync with the Divine Order and Flow of my life. So naturally, I see the bright red bird against the sparkling white snow, and I cry...a happy kinda cry.

So here's me, all alone in the house, tears welling in my eyes, and I'm talking to myself, rather I feel like I'm talking to the Universe, to something higher than me. And I'm saying, "Thank you so much for everything. Why do I worry?" And it feels like such a strong WHY, like really, whyyyyyyy? I get this answer so clear to me that it feels like a comforting blanket has just been laid over my shoulders: "You have no reason to worry. Everything is unfolding exactly when and how it should. You're so good Alyssa, so good. Really, what do you have to complain about? Everything that is meant to be, will be. You can't force anything to happen or happen sooner. If it is, then it is. If it isn't, then it isn't. Either way, you are supported always dear one. Breathe."  

I swear to you this conversation came to me crystal clear. Was I talking outloud? Not the whole time, but I heard this conversation in my mind, or maybe outside of my mind....I don't really know, but what I do know is that it felt so good. In that moment of total self acceptance of who I am and what and where my life is, I felt such RADICAL FREEDOM. 

On this Full Moon Eclipse in Leo, my sign, may you use the bravery of the Lion to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Full moons are times of release, and eclipses are times of ushering in great, swift change, closings, and openings. Be mindful that things and thoughts move faster during this time, so be aware of your energy and what you're thinking.

For every ending, there is really a beginning waiting. 


Options for Full Moon release:

1) Cry- the truest form of letting go

2) Wash it away with an intentional shower or bath

3) Write it down and burn it

How do you want to feel in 2017? A New Year's Fill In The Blank

If you could think of one word that would sum up how you want to feel in 2017, what would it be? 

Many of you who have been following me for a while or have perused my website at some point, know that I am a Desire Map Facilitator. So what does that mean exactly? It means that I work with women to unlock their Core Desired Feelings- or how they want to feel every single day on a soul level. From there, we make Goals With Soul and design a life in accordance with how you want to feel, not necessarily what you think you should accomplish. See the difference?

Less striving, more THRIVING. 

For those of you thinking, "But I want to feel more than just one word, I can't sum it up with only only one," no worries, in Desire Mapping world, you come up with 3-5 CDFs and they feel glorious!

But for the purposes of this blog post, I want to invite you to answer a couple of fill-in-the-blank questions to get your wheels turning and discover ONE word that sticks out. It may or may not be a core desired feeling, but it will certainly point you in the right direction.

I suggest sitting down to answers these questions in a quiet place, with the phone away (like in another room), maybe a candle, and let your family know that you need a bit of time with no interruptions. When you finish, close your journal and gently place your hands on top of it, and say out loud, "I am grateful for the lessons of 2016, and I commit to gracefully pursuing how I desire to feel in the New Year. Thank you, Universe [God, Spirit, etc]. for guiding me."

1) In 2016 I felt ___________most of the time. 

2) What caused me to feel this way?

3) Do I want to bring this feeling with me into 2017? Why or why not?

4) In 2017 I want to wake up on a Sunday morning and feel __________.

5) In 2017 the thing I most want to achieve would make me feel __________,

6) In 2017 I do NOT want to feel _________, so I know I WANT to feel ___________ instead.

7) When I think of the ideal, upcoming New Year, I would make decisions based on __________.

8) In 2017 I desire to feel___________. 

*Align Your Life, my 7 week online coaching program, featuring the Desire Map Level 1 + Chakra Yoga Theory, is now booking private clients for 2017. 

How To Feel Abundant During The Holidays

For many of us, the holidays can be a stressful time due to the amount of spending on buying gifts for family and friends. And while giving gifts is a part of my my love languages (see the love languages book), I also feel some anxiety around this time of year. So how can we possibly feel abundant when money seems to be flying out of our a**?! Easy. Flip your perspective on what abundance means. 

By definition, abundance is simply, "A very large quantity of something," so why do we only seem to associate it with money? Many of my Desire Map private clients realize that abundance is a core desired feeling for them, which makes sense because it is one of mine and your vibe attracts your tribe, but I don't think that they are just talking about physical cash here. No, it's a feeling or state of abundance that they seek to cultivate. For them and for myself, abundance is about feeling whole, fulfilled, joy, and gratitude, and from that positive place comes physical cash  (more on that in a bit).

Sure, a plethora of money is nice and cushy, but it doesn't necessarily equate to feeling abundant. Think about movie stars and singers who had god-like amounts of money and yet they fell down the rabbit-hole of fame and checked into rehab, or even worse, lost their life to drugs or alcohol. Do you think they were embodying abundance even though they had so much money? I don't think so. Because abundance is a state of mind, not the sum in your bank account. 

So I know you're probably thinking, yes, I agree with you, but that doesn't change the fact that I have or want to give gifts this year and that costs moolah. Well yes, you're right, but I have a  couple of suggestions for you aside from flipping your perspective, which we just talked about.

1) Change your inner dialogue- Your thoughts truly become things, and when you constantly think negatively about money and the lack thereof you are only telling the Universe that you want more lack and negativity in all forms, including money, but even worse, your happiness, which could be why some people are so angry at this time of year. They are focusing on the wrong things. Yes, gifts are nice, but what about giving or receiving gifts is nice? Not the money spent, it's the joy and gratitude that they bring. Start thinking positive about life and money and I promise you your outer world will change. BONUS TIP: Try this affirmation, "Money and I are learning to become best friends. We value and respect each other." 

2) Make handmade gifts- People tend to assume that the fanciest gifts are the best, but I beg to differ. I have had some amazing handmade gifts given to me that truly melted my heart, including two paintings from a friend and a former client. This year I am doing almost all DIY gifts, and I am freaking jazzed about making them! Infuse love into what you make and keep the receiver in mind, and I don't think you can go wrong. 

3) Not everyone needs a gift- This once is pretty self explanatory, but seriously not everyone deserves a gift. Be honest with yourself about why you are buying the gifts and if it isn't because you truly want to give them something out of love and kindness, not out of obligation, then don't do it. Perhaps just send cards to people you are unsure about and be sure to do a little hand-written note for a personal touch. 

4) Start budgeting in January- I learned this tip from someone else, but if you know roundabout how much extra money you need for the holidays, then start budgeting in January for the following holiday putting x amount of dollars away per month so it's broken down into small, manageable chunks. That way, by the time December comes around, no stress baby! (Just be sure to not spend the money you are putting away!) BONUS Tip: Use a budgeting app like mint or everydollar.com 

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Who keeps you accountable?

As I was hanging out with my family for our weekly Sunday dinner yesterday, my brother-in-law smugly asks me, "So when are you going to blog again?" A smile immediately cracks across my face because I know that I have been caught in my own avoidance. I haven't written on my blog here since September, and it's the one part of my business that I just can't seem to get a consistent schedule with. I suppose I always feel too busy to sit down and write unless it's writing coaching program content or writing for another blog publication (although I haven't done much of that either!), but if I'm not going to write my blog, then who is? Nobody. 

So here I am, the day after my brother-in-law has called me out, and I am going to make an honest effort to write here once a month. I am not perfect, nobody is, and although I love my website and am constantly tweaking the web copy, what about the fun stuff?! What about the blog? I haven't been giving it my attention, but my creative thoughts deserve that writing space just as much as my business thoughts deserve the right to make fabulous web copy. It's time to prioritize creative writing, just for the sake of creative writing. No selling. No key words. Just writing. 

My thought then becomes, who keeps you accountable? I just finished 1:1 coaching with my life coach, I have a marketing consultant, and tons of friends within the personal growth sphere, but who manages to get my attention?? My bro-in-law who sweetly reads my blog and keeps up on what I'm doing, even though it doesn't fully resonate with him! Don't get me wrong, I seriously value my professional coaches, but help can come in many forms.

Accountability and truth can pop up in the most unlikely places, and if you're willing to see and accept truth wherever and from whoever it may come from, expected or not, then you have the ability to make changes. The key is to be open-minded when the truth comes in to receive it with grace.

So who keeps you accountable? Where could you find a uniquely helpful perspective? What are you avoiding doing and WHY? What needs tending to? You may just surprise yourself.

P.S. Thanks Mark <3

Gratitude Rant: A Daily Mindfulness Practice

Gratitude is all the rage these days (and for good reason!), but this Vlog is my take on implementing gratitude into your life in a super easy way; no writing required!

Here I share my daily mindfulness practice that has shifted my life and mindset from lack and fear to abundance and joy! Click the pic to listen <--

 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Click the image to go straight to my Youtube Page!

                                                       Click the image to go straight to my Youtube Page!

Put Your Soul On the Agenda

The 2017 Desire Map Planners are here!

Clients are always asking me about prioritizing/procrastination, and this holistic planner helps you plan your days and weeks according to how you most want to feel. With space to riff and vent and dream, plus built-in sections to keep your core desired feelings front and center — this planner keeps you focused on what’s most important, while still getting shit done and moving you forward! SHOP HERE

The line includes a daily edition and weekly edition. Pick your planning flavour:        

The Desire Map Planner - Daily Edition 2017

The DAILY planner for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, and awesome A-types who love keeping track of all the big and little things.

The Desire Map Planner - Weekly Edition 2017

The WEEKLY planner is for the big dreamers, Creatives, and entrepreneurs — the planner-types who want a bird’s eye view of their week.

The weekly and daily planners make room for your core desired feelings, schedule, to-do’s, and a super condensed to-do list called 3 Things — because once you finish your top priorities, everything else is gravy. They’ve also included astro events so you can sync your soul with the planets. And of course, there are #TRUTHBOMBS a'plenty.


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Leading My First Yoga Retreat

This was real. I didn't imagine it. I didn't just dream it, I lived it.

Helping women heal, liberate themselves, and thrive in their most authentic selves. That's what I do.

I keep saying it's wild, and to me it truly is because I never thought this would be my reality! Two years ago this fall, I sat around a sister circle and declared to a group of women that although my dream was to lead a yoga retreat, it would never happen because no one would ever come to retreat with me. Because I thought I was nothing special. 

The lesson? Give your dreams out loud words to another human being and then give it so much love and energy. Infuse faith in your fears. Declare what sucks and put energy into feeling the opposite. This is my Purpose, and you deserve to know yours too.

From August 11-14, 7 other women and myself retreated to the woods and delved deep. We flowed our bodies in yoga. We did a bracelet binding ceremony to DECLARE our core desired feelings and tie us together in SISTERHOOD. We did yoga under the mid summer shooting stars while coyotes howled in the distance. They sang me happy birthday around a campfire. We cried. We talked about what sucks. We talked about those big big dreams. 

Sisterhood. Self Care. Solo Time. Feminine Leadership. Dreaming big. Authenticity. Feeling Safe. Love and Self Love. Personal Power. Sex. Being Present. 

These were ideas that we kept talking about at my first ever Yoga + Desire Map Weekend Retreat this past weekend in Ohiopyle State Park, PA, and I still can't believe that it happened, and all over my birthday to boot! So many aha moments, so many laughs and tears, so much to take away.

Surround yourself with those who light you up and never miss an opportunity to show up completely as yourself and dream as big as your soul is infinite. YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

Thank you, Life.

Honestly, I don't fully have words yet for my 1st ever Desire Map + Yoga Weekend Retreat, and I'm not sure that I've fully processed it yet, but all I know is that dreams and hearts were alive this weekend. Fiercely, beautifully ALIVE. 

To all you ladies, I love you and I'm so proud of you. Your presence honored me deeply, and I thank you.

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