a women's yoga + meditation self care retreat

Inspired by Kundalini yoga, a deep belief in the power of self care, and a desire to create connection for all women. 


Join me on August 17-20 (check in anytime after 4pm, dinner at 6:30, check out 10am) for a long weekend retreat in the lush forests of Ohiopyle State Park, PA to disconnect in order to reconnect the mind, body, heart, and spirit through daily Kundalini meditations, Vinyasa Flow classes,  journaling, group discussion, soulful activities, and outdoor play,  all in the company of like-minded women and only 2 hours outside of Pittsburgh.

WHY THIS RETREAT NOW?  Last year was the hardest year of my life after a 10 year break up, but I found wholeness, healing, deep self love, gratitude, and abundance through meditation, yoga, journaling, and reconnecting with Mother Nature, and I am ready to share these healing techniques with other women to truly embrace your best life!

Each day will have 1 or 2 themes, such as Fear & Faith and Feminine Power principles. Here is an example daily itinerary:

Wake up

Morning Kundalini Guided Meditation

Healthy Breakfast

In depth morning theme discussion, group share, and  journaling assignment

Short Break

Vinyasa Flow class

Free time


Group river outing or hike

Short break

In depth afternoon theme discussion, group share, activity or journal assignment

Free time/dinner prep


Free time

Night time Slow Flow and evening meditation

Campfire/bed time

What's included:

 The home is actually in the State Park and just 2 miles from Ohiopyle's main attractions, including river fun!

The home is actually in the State Park and just 2 miles from Ohiopyle's main attractions, including river fun!

  • Your stay at a beautiful, secluded house (beds first come, first serve and will be shared) 
  • Vinyasa yoga daily (outdoors)
  • An Intro to Kundalini yoga
  • Guided Kundalini meditations (outdoors)
  • Official Blossom and Flow Workbook
  • Daily journal prompts and worksheets
  • Enjoy all inclusive, healthy meals
  • Meaningful conversation in a safe, sacred space
  • Cozy campfires on the private property and ample stargazing (coyotes howling in the background!)
  • Down time to do as you please--read, write, etc.
  • Afternoons at the river
  • Bonus goodie bags and full size gift!


If you desire serenity, healing, clarity, nourishment, and connection in your daily life-- then this retreat is for you.

We practiced soulfully in the open air of nature, and flowed through beautiful, feminine poses with grace. Alyssa slowed us down, having us close our eyes and imagine we were flowing through honey. One night, we did a restorative class under the stars and the coyotes howled from the woods behind us while fire crackers exploded from the other direction. Somewhere in the middle of the noises, 8 women stretched and moved together in silence, feeling and accepting the energy of the woods.
— Emily Adams, 2016 Retreater

Who is this retreat for?

  • The woman who wants to reconnect to herself.
  • The woman who may be in the process of healing.
  • The woman who has too much on her plate.
  • The woman who has trouble taking quality time for herself.
  • The everyday woman.
  • The woman who seeks inspiration, guidance, nourishment, and flow in her life.
  • The woman who wants to deepen her connection to her Truth and trust in the Universe.
  • The woman who has an interest in exploring Kundalini meditation or deepening her practice.
  • The woman who believes in self-care and sees the value in journeying inward. 
  • The woman who wants to connect with women and fuel friendships. 
  • The woman who believes in the power of magical thinking and fresh air
  • The woman who believes that feeling good is the whole point. 


Is this you?

Enjoy a FREE Abundance + Trust meditation visualization below!

During this retreat, I was forced to “check in.” I couldn’t numb myself with alcohol, drugs, music, and the many other mindless activities one could partake in. I was asked to face my fears head on, but with self-acceptance and love. I was asked to say “I love myself” out loud. While I cried and took several minutes to say it, I did it, and I did it desperately overcoming fear. I met 7 amazing women during this journey...We cooked, wrote in journals, meditated, chanted, danced, practiced yoga, and above all… connected fearlessly. I left this retreat still with anxiety and vulnerability, but I also left with courage, acceptance, and a sense of connection. When leaving the retreat everyone hugged, and one beautiful soul looked me in the eye and said, “you are beautiful.” My eyes filled with tears.
— Cortny Kennick, 2016 Retreater

Using Yoga, meditation + journaling as our guides, we will move through this weekend with heightened nourishment and intention.

On Sunday morning I left with new friends, a stronger community of yogis to ground and inspire me, and a newfound sense of belonging in my own life. I was eager to be home, to feel the comforts of my bed and my family, but I was also eager to incorporate my new inspirations into my life.
— Emily Adams, 2016 Retreater
 Our oasis called "Pura Vida" in Ohiopyle.

Our oasis called "Pura Vida" in Ohiopyle.

 Cozy, yet modern home surrounded by trees and built by hand.

Cozy, yet modern home surrounded by trees and built by hand.

How do I pay?

Payment option 1: In full

$550  via check (email me for address) or Paypal*

*If you decide to use Paypal it will add on a $10 surcharge to cover part of their fees.

Payment option 2: payments

4 monthly payments of $150 via Venmo  (please send first installment to @AlyssaKuzins and I will send a payment  request at the same time each month thereafter)


Full Payment Due Date and Cancellation Policy (PLEASE READ):

Note that payment is due in full by July 27th, regardless of when you make your first monthly payment if you take option 2.* Therefore, all sign ups must also be before July 27th in order to ensure that I have adequate time to prepare for the full amount of guests. (Please reach out to me personally if you pass this date and would still like to sign up if there's room). Also, there is a strict cancellation policy that requires you to notify me by July 27th that you will NOT be attending the retreat in order to receive a refund of all but $100. Otherwise, if you cancel after that date, you will need to pay for half of the retreat price.

Please enjoy this FREE downloadable 6 minute meditation until we meet on Retreat!