Most of us know the "business-in-a-box" programs are hoaxes. Or if not, they're super sleazy. But thankfully, I've found a truly heart-centered, sincere business-in-a-box program, and it's changed my life! It's based on the book The #DesireMap, by Danielle Laporte. I've joined her Licensing Program, and I host #DesireMap workshops, am leading my 1st desire map  + yoga retreat, and I do 1:1 coaching

If you want to join me on this Licensing happy train, then please shoot me an email at an ask me anything! We can even jump on the phone or Skype. I have talked with over several ladies in making this big decision. A fellow licensee actually helped me take this leap of faith, and I want to do the same for YOU!

Lots of Love,